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Our digital world has created a “Shop, Click, and Ship” demand. Just like our chocolates and confections, shipping is done by hand. We are excited and grateful for your online support. 
As our chocolates are perishable and heat sensitive, the shipping process is handled with  utmost care. 

Shipping Times: Chocolate is shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays only to avoid weekend shipping delays. Thursday is only viable as an overnight shipping option.

Local Pickup: If you’re local to the St. Helena area, you can select the “local pickup” and we will coordinate the details via email or phone.
Pickup locations also include:
- Winter Farmstead Farmer’s Market that occurs Fridays(8AM - 12PM)
- Summer St. Helena's Farmers Market at Crane Park that occurs Fridays(7:30AM - 12PM)

Local Delivery: Our dedicated team can deliver your order if you are within St. Helena or the North Bay. Be sure to select the “Local Delivery” option as your Shipping Method at checkout and our team will coordinate the details with you via email or phone. Delivery Fee may apply.

The Hotter Seasons

Late Spring, Summer, and Early Fall are the most treacherous shipping times. We monitor the temperature projections through different cities along the shipping route daily for orders. Orders are packed with heat-resistant packaging, multiple ice packs, perishable stickers, and will even double box orders as necessary. Overnight shipping is the only option offered during these times.

The Colder Seasons

Late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring are more kind shipping times. We still monitor the temperatures (Florida and other warm winter states); these shipments will still include ice packs and heat-resistant packaging. Overnight and Two-Day shipping are the only options offered during these times.  

For states that are in the colder region, Three-Day and Ground Shipping will be offered. Bubble wrap and other cushioned packaging options will be utilized.

Choose the Proper Shipping 

During checkout, if you choose to pay for a shipping method not ideal for your region, we cannot be liable for any melted product. 

Shipping rates are a direct reflection of UPS and may vary throughout the year.

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